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EndCiv is Fallout meets Dwarf Fortress, meets Ceasar 3. In this real time survival city builder, you have to fight to keep your citizens fed, safe, and warm, or watch them wither away in the harsh wasteland they inhabit. Crowbox, developers behind this project, are designing a game with big ambition. For starters, designing an economy in the game is changeling enough, but balancing it on the back end is an even greater task. Couple this with city planning, defense, and survival mechanics, this game promises a lot, but may pose a changeling task for the Developers.

The project is looking for €12,000, or about $15,000 USD, which both sounds like a small amount of money, and also a large sum. The development has some things going for it, however. For starters, as it stands, the team claims to have the camera and building mechanics already in place, as well as the weather, day/night cycle, and citizen behavior. They have locked down the art style, have plenty of the art done, and although still in pre-alpha prototypes, have a clear direction they are headed.

The cost breakdown is pretty straight forward: 43% of the funding is to pay the development costs. 42% is for game art, design, and 3D modeling assets. 10% of the funding goes to the audio production, and 5% is left for IndieGoGo fees.

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As for backer rewards, they span from a copy of the game for about $19.00 USD, to designing your own NPC for $125.00 USD. There are also early access levels, and art book, and other design levels as well.

Crowbox and EndCiv have a long way before getting this cool looking game out to the masses. They still only have a prototype, and are still thousands away from reaching their goal as of the writing of this article. You have until December 18 to pledge for your chance to help this ambitious project.

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